Chicken pie

Shredded chicken complemented with carrots, corn and peas, cooked to perfection and encased in flaky buttery pastry – Our popular bite sized savoury. Chicken pie is THE PIE to try

Black Pepper Chicken Pie

The solution for all your spicy black pepper crab cravings is here: this petite pie packs a punch with a generous amount of fragrant black pepper sprinkled over shredded chicken.

Curry Chicken Pie

Dainty chunks of chicken, potatoes and curry sauce wrapped in pastry that crumbles in your mouth – this is the pie made especially for curry lovers everywhere.

Chicken Sausage Roll

Peeping out and wrapped in a blanket of fluffy, flaky pastry is a generous portion of minced chicken sausage meat that is locally purchased to ensure freshness and minimal preservatives.

Chicken Mushroom Pie

This turnover of chunky chicken, mixed vegetables, potatoes and button mushrooms in a creamy sauce is the perfect lazy mid-day snack for any mushroom lover.

Potato Chicken Pie

Chunky pieces of chicken meat sandwiched between mash potatoes and baked to golden, toasted perfection – this inspired shepherd’s pie promises to melt in your mouth.

Chicken ham and egg pie

Imagine your favorite Hawaiian pizza BUT AS A PIE: strips of chicken ham, cheesy pineapple surprises, with an entire egg hidden within – this pie is a meal in itself

Steak And Mushroom Pie

This personal sized pie is a hearty meal of chunky beef pieces, accompanied with button mushrooms and gravy, all wrapped up in buttery, golden brown pastry that promises to flake and crumble with every bite.

Beef Stew Pie

Chunks of beef simmered and stewed for 3 hours over a low fire in a tomato based stew, with carrots, potato and celery for company – our hearty beef stew pie fills your tummy and warms your heart.

Black Pepper Steak Pie

This is a crowd favorite, meal-sized pie involving chunky beef pieces with a generous helping of black pepper sauce and ensconced in coarse, buttery pastry. This pie is for all black pepper steak lovers out there.

Vege Pie

For our vegetarian friends, we present to you bite sized pie snacks: creamy macaroni, potato and vegetables, giftwrapped in pastry.

Banana Rolls

Soft and chewy local bananas make this pastry dessert pop with sweetness.

Cinnamon Puffs

Bite-sized diamonds of fluffy pastry, encrusted with cinnamon, chocolate powder and coarse sugar.

Tuna Puff

Tuna flakes, caramelized onions, mayo and a dash of seasoning – this puff is reminiscent of the tuna and mayo sandwiches of your childhood.