hits the spot – Ginger

they serve very good pies, i always have the chicken sausages and chicken mushroom pie. can even keep overnight in the fridge and pop it into the toaster for a while, it’ll still taste as sizzling great!

a pity that over the years, the size of the pies have considerably shrunk in size due to inflation T.T

but kudos to the fillings (glad they didnt compromise on the filling), which have always remained hot and juicy (not greasy) while the outside itself is crunchy and comes in many fluffy thin layers, compared to those.. say from polar, which tend to be tough and somehow taste a little too strong on the flour, and scrimp-ish on the inside as well.

cakes wise, tiramisu and oreocheese are soft and just nice on the sweetness, not the best i had though… but the double chocolate cake is heavenly! 3 dollars, relatively cheap and much nicer and fresher than the ones we get from restaurants :p

also try the cheesyhearts

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