Heart this Jelly

I was introduced to the jelly heart, a pretty strawberry dessert, years ago. But we lost touch and when I ran into it recently, i couldn’t quite recognise it.

It was flabby. It had grown from a slender rectangle into a square, almost. The jelly casing of the cheesecake was thick and tasteless. What had the darling jelly heart done to itself?

But I realised what had happened: More shops are selling jelly hearts now, but not all do justice to it. The old jelly heart turned out to be alive and well, though, when I tracked it down. It is now available at two shops, Fringe Cafe (four for $4.80) and Cottage Pies Cafe (two for $1.90), and it is as lovely as ever.

Straits Times, Lifestyle, Mar 11, 2012