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007-1342_Steak and Mushroom Pie

Steak And Mushroom Pie

This personal sized pie is a hearty meal of chunky beef pieces, accompanied with button mushrooms and gravy, all wrapped up in buttery, golden brown pastry that promises to flake and crumble with every bite.

008-1351_Beef Stew Pie

Beef Stew Pie

Chunks of beef simmered and stewed for 3 hours over a low fire in a tomato based stew, with carrots, potato and celery for company – our hearty beef stew pie fills your tummy and warms your heart.

009-1346_Black Pepper Steak Pie

Black Pepper Steak Pie

This is a crowd favorite, meal-sized pie involving chunky beef pieces with a generous helping of black pepper sauce and ensconced in coarse, buttery pastry. This pie is for all black pepper steak lovers out there.