Cheezy Hearts

A strawberry heart encased in ruby red strawberry jelly, sitting daintily on layers of cream cheese and biscuits – our cheezy hearts are the perfect dessert for that special someone.

Mini Roll Cake

Our mini roll cake is a petite Swiss roll filled with fresh vanilla cream. They come in three flavors: Original vanilla, Strawberry and Blackforest with a hint of blueberry.


This classic dessert of fresh custard cream and piped chocolate needs no introduction.


Our coffee beans hail from Colombia, the country that produces, arguably, the best coffee beans in the world. Choose from 2 brands to suit your taste: Lavazza, coffee blended in Italy and Avanti, and locally blended coffee. Our coffee is freshly grounded and freshly brewed to perfection just for you.

Soda drinks

A snazzy, refreshing mix of Italian syrup and club soda, what more can you ask for on a hot day in Sunny Singapore? Available flavors: strawberry, lime, kiwi, blackberry, banana, mango, peach & raspberry.